How to stop unwanted game notifications on Facebook

We’ve all been there… Oh look, a notification! Aww, just another game.

I’m going to show you how to get rid of these notifications to clear up your facebook!

Here you can see all the notifications I’ve been getting. I don’t play these games, and don’t want to hear about them!



Move your mouse to the top right of the notification and you will see an “X”. When your mouse hovers over it, it will say “Turn Off”.



When you click the “X” it will confirm with you. “Turn off notifications from the game?” Click on “Turn Off”.



You can continue to do that to all of the games in your list.



You may also get larger game notifications in your news feed. You can do the same thing here!



There is a small down arrow at the top right corner. Click on this and then click on Hide all from the game.



There you go! Keep doing this whenever you get a game notification. You will eventually end up with a much cleaner looking facebook!