Home Protect

Are you protected?

Viruses and hardware failures can ruin your day. With our Home Protect service, you get a combination of award winning antivirus protection and remote hardware monitoring.

Are you prepared?

Devices are replaceable, but your documents and pictures aren’t! In the event of computer failure or home disaster such as fire, we have your data backed up securely to the cloud. We take care of it so you don’t have to.

What’s Included?

We Provide Bitdefender Endpoint Protection with Monitored Antivirus

Remote Hardware Monitoring

Continuous scanning for common hardware issues. If a problem is found, we’ll let you know so you can schedule the repair (additional charge).

Managed Windows updates

We monitor and apply updates to ensure your computer is up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Managed 3rd Party updates

Common applications such as Adobe and Java will be updated for you.

Managed Online Backup (Unlimited Storage)

We will monitor and back up your data to secure online storage.

Active Home Protect membership

We gives you 10% Discount on all in store and on site labour.

Unlimited Remote Support

We will help you with basic questions, virus alerts, file recovery and other computer issues during regular business hours.